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We are looking for BETA testers with a Blackberry Q10 or Z10. please contact us at
We are looking for BETA testers for the upcoming bicyclenavigation mode. please contact us at


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ZANavi for Android(TM)

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What is it ?

ZANavi is an opensource navigation system for android. It’s base is NavIT.

ZANavi tries to make a specific android port and to succeed where NavIT can not. It’s only aimed at Android devices (Android 2.0 or higher) and should bring maximum user experience to the android device.
In short: it should be “install” and “start using”, but no fiddling with settings and xml files.


This project was started to improve NavIT without the need to consider other platforms than android. the android version at the time (up to 2010) was really lacking usability. most people could simply not use it. after a few small steps within the NavIT project, the time was right to move forward and only concentrate on Android and usability.

we are not yet where we want to be, but things are moving along …

there are people saying NavIT is better, its the original. well yes and no, NavIT was there first no doubt, but please dont use false facts, or spread rumours about something, when you dont know the details.

remember everything is in the eye of the beholder!

many Android features were actually done by ZANavi developer zoff99. things like:

downloading maps on the phone
multitouch zooming
using the android keyboard to enter text
android search function with android interface
android menu
some translations for menuitems
first published NavIT version on the google market

just to name a few.

so choose whatever software works best for your needs. be it ZANavi, NavIT, Google maps, OSMAnd or whatever other software you like.

and keep helping projects like ZANavi and OpenStreetMaps and NavIT.
Thanks for all your help and support.


Manual german version

Manual chinese version


28. June 2014: ZANavi for Blackberry 10 -> read more

26. June 2014: create your own maps from OSM files

15. February 2014: new Version 2.0.25 with new map download method. download maps in the background

4. January 2013: new Version 2.0.6 with multipolygon support, and new index search

29. August 2012: longest routes done with ZANavi on a phone -> read more

23. August 2012: ZANavi 2.0 is here, it brings some new stuff and more performance

27. July 2012: First Youtube Video -> watch it now

26. July 2012: 100.028 installs

7. January 2012: Translators needed -> check here

2. January 2012: 50.000 installs

12. December 2011: Breaking the 40.000 installs barrier, thanks for your many comments and remarks (and for your donations)

4. December 2011: Report Bugs to our Bug Tracker

3. December 2011: Nice promo Video of the Cat Nova tablet showing ZANavi icon see video

3. December 2011: It seems ZANavi ist pre installed on the Cat Nova tablet read more

3. December 2011: Weltbild and Hugendubel sell an android tablet (with ZANavi) read article

1. December 2011: New Marketversion with better Offline Search and Recent Destination List

28. October 2011: Please help to translate and visit launchpad Java and launchpad C

28. October 2011: Public SVN repository and Sourcebrowser online

5. August 2011: Wiki open for user registration

23. June 2011: ZANavi hits the Android market

Getting Involved

Do you want to help? or want to contribute?

Here is our top priorities list

  • we need new mapservers, with a high download bandwidth
  • we need more testers to report bug/features and to beta test new features
  • we need more translators for the navigation commands, and to check the existing translations

contact us via Email



Quick Hints

  • ) navigate to target: touch a target in google maps and then choose “navigate to” and select ZANavi
  • ) navigate to target: long press the point on the map, then click the popup bubble
  • ) if its too slow, dont download “Coastline” (you wont see any oceans then, but it will be faster)
  • ) there is a big “hole” in the coastline map near chicago, some polygons in openstreetmaps are not closed. if you navigate there, delete the coastline map