put some feedback here …

  • ) on what phones does it run?
  • ) what problems do you have on your phone?
  • ) what should be improved?

some points to find out:

  • does ZANavi use the same map data format as Navit does or are there any differencies?
  • How often are the downloadable map files updated?
  • is there a version history / changelog for ZANavi besides the one at android market?


Feature Requests

  • ZANavi does not pay attention to highway=service with a name-tag in search.
  • When to choose a map file from download, is it possible to display the time stamp of the map data to see if there is already new map data available?
  • When looking at the lokal map data on your phone or device, where can I see the age of my downloaded map data?
  • It’s possible to add this Augment Reality View?
  • Integration of bookmarks